V.O.S’ Choi Hyun Joon and bride wedding photo shoot unleashed!

The member of V.O.S (Voice of Soul), Choi Hyun Joon's wedding prenuptial photos were released.

V.O.S' Choi Hyunjoon is handsome with his coat and tie, and his soon-to-be wife, model and businesswoman Shin Soee, is gorgeous and lovely with her wedding gown. On the photos, the two showed how sweet they are. They are holding each other's hand while facing the photographer implying that both of them are ready to face the new chapter of their lives together. 

The two will finally tie the knot on May 18th after dating for four years and having their first son this February 2014.

Best wishes!

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net