VIXX release tracklist for 'Eternity'

VIXX reveal the tracklist of their upcoming 4th single album 'Eternity' through their official fancafe.
The tracks are as follow:

1. Eternity
 Lyrics by: Kim Lee Na
 Rap Making: Ravi
 Composed by: Shin Hyuk, Deanfluenza, 2xxx!, DK, siyeonking!
 Arranged by: 2xxx! 
2. Sad Ending
 Lyrics by: Lee Seu Lan(Jam Factory), Ravi
 Composed by: Eric Lidbom, Jon Hallgren
 Arranged by: Eric Lidbom, Jon Hallgren 
3. Love, LaLaLa
 Lyrics by: Kim Ji Hyang, MELODESIGN, Ravi
 Composed by: MELODESIGN, Keeproots, fascinating
 Arranged by: MELODESIGN, Keeproots, fascinating 
4. Eternity (Instrumental)

As we noticed, member Ravi have participated in their title track by giving the rap part and contributed in penning 'Sad Ending'. Their 4th single album will be released on May 27.

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