Tao expresses his side; feels betrayed over the unfortunate situation

Amidst the unfortunate situation going around EXO after Kris files lawsuit for contract termination today, fellow EXO-M member Tao writes down his thoughts through his personal instagram and weibo account.

Along with a photo, he wrote a lengthy note,

"The road is really long, where you want to go, no one can decide for you. The truth will always be hidden from the public, perhaps the public will choose to side the minority, but that isn't the truth. The truth will only be understood by those who have gone through it. Like the 11 of us members, our company SM and the staff. But on the outside, the good ones have been reversed to become the bad. You all will not feel the betrayal that I have felt, after being betrayed, and everyone actually sides this single person, you guys can have your own opinions, but all I want to say is that the truth apart from what's false, we know it in our hearts. One person chooses to leave, we can't hold him back, he has found his ways, and has escaped successfully. At a time when we are unaware, he actually secretly went away without letting us and the company know. The drive to do certain things will follow many people, but I hope that everyone will use this thirst with good intentions. Practicing and sweating a lot in the process, but realised that one person will never be back, this news, and the concert has to be prepared all over again with 11 people, it's tiring. Let's love EXO~"

Translated by _cheonsanim  via SMENT EXO

The same post has been posted by Tao on his weibo account as well, but already deleted some. He stated that the post on instagram is actually written by him in response to fans' speculation that someone might have written this on Tao's instagram account.

Despite of this whirlwind situation, fans on SNS are cheering for each other and throwing different opinions such as, "Tao would never write something like this.","I don't know who to believe now.","Are they trying to make Kris the bad one?","This is too much to handle." and so on.

Nevertheless, this is a situation where fans need to encourage and cheer for each other. Fighting! This too shall pass.