Son Ho Jun to act as Ji Hyun Woo's manager in 'Trot Lovers'

"Hae Tae" Son Ho Jun will make his comeback in a new drama soon.

The production team of KBS' "Trot Lovers" announced that Son Ho Jun will play as Seol Tae Song who is Jang Joon Hyun(Ji Hyun Woo)'s manager. His dream is to become a trot singer and he expressed his love for trot music as his name was created after the ,ast names of the 3 popular trot artists Seol Woon Do, Tae Jin Ah and Song Dae Kwan.

As he has received lots of love for his previous comedic character in "Reply 1997" so many people are exciting and giving high expectation for his role this time.

"Trot Lovers" will be broadcast in June after "Big Man"