Singer Hong Kyungmin to marry Haegeum player Kim Yuna

Korean pop rock singer Hong Kyungmin is going to tie a knot with Haegeum (a traditional Korean instrument) player Kim Yuna some time late this year.

Kim Yuna was ten years younger than Hong Kyungmin, but their huge age gap didn't hinder them to fall for each other, and now to finally spend their lifetime together. 

The two share one common denominator. They have both exceptional talent in music. Hong Kyungmin is known for his versatility. He can sing all genre of music, from ballad to dance to rock, while Kim Yuna, who graduated from Gukak National High School and Korean National University of Arts, is called the Haegeum prodigy because she won awards in different competitions.

Expect to hear the wedding bells on either October or November. 


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