SBS's 'Good Sunday' fails to compete in ratings with KBS and MBC

SBS's 'Good sunday', including Running Man and Roommate, is suffering the lowest ratings, 7.1%, in 20 months.

A new show 'Roommate' kept staying at the last with 4.6%, Running Man ratings also dropped by 1.6% from 11.2% to 9.6%. SBS once again failed to compete against MBC's Sunday Night and KBS2's Happy Sunday.

The winner of this week is MBC with "Dad!Where Are You Going 2?" got 9%  and "Real Man" got 14.9% in ratings, which raised MBC's average ratings to 11.3%

KBS's "Superman Returns" had a slight increase to 10.7% and "2 days 1 night 3" got 11%, the average rating reached 10.8%.

It's the first time in many years that SBS faces that low ratings in Sunday time slot. SBS is on the alert now as the ratings gap is becoming larger and larger.