SBS opens the five rooms of each 'Roommate', different charisma are expected

SBS releases the pictorial photos of each 'Roommate' who are going to live under one roof.

The pictorial photos of the cast revealed their roommates. To begin with, we have the sexy trio Park Bom, Lee Sora, and Song Ga Yeon who will entertain viewers with their wit and unpredictable comic acts. Next up, are the pretty ladies Nana and Hong Soo Hyun pair who already boast a strong visual appearance.

For the male side, we have gag-combi Lee Dong Wook and Jo Se Ho. Of course, the reported bromance is between Shin Song Woo and Chanyeol and lastly the handsome pair who would steal noonas' heart are Seo Kang Jun and Park Min Woo.

With their different charms and characters, the five rooms would be filled with interesting candid stories that the viewers can anticipate. 'Roommate' premieres on May 4 at 4:20PM. So don't miss it.