'Real Men' with Henry, Hyungsik, K.Will, Park GunHyung and more depart for the Philippines

According to various broadcast insiders on 7th, Real Men's Kim Soro, Seo Kyung Seok, Sam Hammington, Park HyungSik, Park Gun Hyung, Chun Jeong Myung, K.Will, Henry and more from the active troops departed for the Philippines on May 5. They have set up plans with the local troops for 5 days and 6 nights.

Since last year, 'Real Men' and the Department of Defense have discussed which location the first foreign troops can be taken to and now it has come to an end. In fact, 'Real Men' foreign troops have also nominated Lebanon, but taking in consideration the local situation, humanitarian support and activities engaging citizen, they've decided to come to the Philippines.

Caused by the Sewol tragedy, the visit was postponed and 'Real Men' decided to cancel filming due to mourning but they were already tipping the locals and carefully departed. The foreign troops are helping the victims of super tyhphoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in the Philippines. Engineer troops and medical units are helping people for disaster recovery and assisting in humanitarian activities.

The Araw troops are helping along with other troops from other countries. Araw (in the Philippines) means 'Sun' which symbolizes hope.

Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net