Park Gun Hyung expresses his jealousy towards Henry and K.Will

Park Gun Hyung is jealous because Henry didn't mention about him but K.Will.

In the broadcast of MBC's "Setion TV" on May 4th, Park Gun Hyung said in an interview,"When I first met Henry, I felt like he would get into trouble if I didn't take care of him".

"But I feel like Henry went on "Quiz To Change The World" just to talk about K.Will", and expressed his jealousy.

For more information, Henry preciously made his appearance in "Quiz To Change The World" and talked about his hardship when he first joined "Real Man". He also mentioned K.Will as the hyung that always stays beside him during the hard times, and expressed his gratitude towards K.Will.

At the end he jokingly said,"What Am I?","I'm going to keep my distance from him from now on" and made everyone laugh over his statement.