Netizen uploads recent photo of Kris from a hospital in Beijing

After the lawsuit issue between Kris and SM Entertainment, EXO fans are eager to know what is Kris' present condition nowadays.

On May 28, a fan spotted Kris at Fu Wai hospital in Beijing. She claimed that Kris visited the Cardiology Department with his mother. A photo is uploaded showing Kris wearing a white long sleeves and black pants. He has a cap on, looking down at his phone.

Fans commented, "So it's true he has a heart problem?","Please come back Kris, I miss you.","Is he there for a check up?","Maybe he's making sure his health is fine." and so on, while some are still doubtful, "Is that really him?","Are you sure that's Kris?","The photo isn't clear enough to say it's Kris."