Narsha confesses she used to be weak at maths during her school days

Maths is really an enemy for most of students, including Narsha.

On May 10th, MBC broadcast the pilot episode of the show "Back To The School" featuring Narsha, Park Myung Soo, Kim Kyung Ho, Jo Min Ki, Lee Bong Joo and Yoo Hae Young.

Narsha confessed,"When I was in middle high school I used to get 18 points for a math test". A student who sat next to her said,"I once had zero point" which made Narsha surprise and said,"There's nothing can defeat this. You can at least have some right answers. You're really a genius"

The teacher then pointed out Narsha to solve a math question, but it turned out incorrect which made her feel embarrassed.

But later she got her pride back in an English class, in which she memorized 18 words out of 21 and received praise from the teacher.