Lunafly Teo and Teen Top L.Joe are working on their 'Honey Honey Song' project

You might think they are just trolling around but seems like Lunafly Teo and Teen Top L. Joe are taking it seriously.

The two friends are teasing their fans on their respective SNS accounts about their 'project' called 'Honey Project'. Teo  tweeted, "Today the honey honey song L.Joe and I have been working on is almost done •_•" in which L.Joe replied, "ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋcan't be".

Their conversation continues as Teo reveals a sketch which seemed to be the 'jacket photo' of their song with the message, "Everyone is asking when will we release the Honey project. We'll release it once we finish working on it~ @ljoeljoe1123 leave it to me~~ Anticipate :)"

Surprisingly, fans respond such as, "Two of you are cute!","Alright! We will anticipate the release!","I cna't wait for the Honey Honey Song.","I'm looking forward already."

Source: Teo and L.Joe's twitter
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