Kim Heechul escorts co-actors in 'Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit' presscon, space big star's manners

On May 7, cast of tvN's 'Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit' Lee Jun Jae, Byun Hee Bong, Jang Kwang, Kim Hee Chul and others attended the press conference at Press Center in National Press Club located in Gwang Hwa Mun, Seoul.

At the event, Dispatch caught Super Junior Heechul's mannerism towards his co-actors as he leads Lee Jun Jae, Byun Hee Bong, and Jang Kwang during the photo time.

In the photos, Heechul is guiding the actors and assisting them showing his manners and respect. Fans commented under the article, "Pay respect to elderly. Nice Heechul!","So gentleman of him.","He's such a good guy." However, there are also netizens who commented, "I think it's unnecessary.","I wonder if the actors are troubled being guided like that."

Meanwhile, 'Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit' premieres on May 9. Check out more photos below:

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Written by KYUriShana