Kim Gu Ra and his son to have their own show 'Kim Father and Son Show'

Kim Gu Ra and his son Kim Dong Hyun will host "Kim Father and Son Show" together.

"Kim Father and Son Show" will target teenagers as its audience. Both Kim Gu Ra and Kim Dong Hyun will have a straightforward and honest discussion on variety of topics which are hot these days among young people.

Kim Gu Ra shared this thought,"I have always wanted to host a show with my son and I'm glad that we can finally do it together". Kim Dong Hyun also said,"This is my first time being an MC for a variety show so I'm very nervous, but I feel reassured knowing that I will work with my father. Please give a lot of support to Kim father and son's show"

The show will be broadcast on May 16th at 8pm kst on Tooniverse channel.