Kikwang confesses that he finds IU's manager really handsome

Kikwang didn't mention about IU but her manager.

In the broadcast of jTBC's "Witch Hunt" on May 16th, Kikwang guested on the show and was asked by the MC,"Whom do you feel attractive these days?", to this he answered,"IU's manager is really handsome. I have a good impression on him"

Then Shin Dong Yup jokingly asked,"Are you really on that side?" which made Kikwang said,"It's not like that. He just seems really cool"

Sung Si Kyung also shared an old story,"When IU was still a rookie, she went to my concert. I asked her,"You like oppa or Nichkhun?".Then she chose me and said,"I don't like handsome men". My fans didn't know if they should laugh or cry about it", which made everyone laugh over his embarrassing experience.