Kids choose Infinite's Woohyun as the idol with the best graduation photo!

Have you seen the cute graduation photos of your favorite idols? Who among them has the cutest photo ever?

Kids from were asked to select the idol with the best graduation photo among the 10 idols. Idols included in the poll are D.O.,Taeyeon, Jang Woo Young, Ahn Soo Hee, Taemin, Goo Hara, Woohyun, IU, Gongchan and Hyeri.

Out of 100%, Infinite's Woohyun emerged as the 'Idol with the Best Graduation Photo'with 46% based on the opinion of the kids. Following him is SHINee's Taemin and EXO's D.O.

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Source: kidsdaum