KARA shows as a 3-member group in their annual fan meeting, apologizing to fans

On the fan meeting of KARA held on May 24th at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall, KARA members took this opportunity to talk with their fans regarding the issue of getting a new member.

It's the first time that KARA was seen as a three-member group only after Sunghee, Nicole and Jiyoung left the group. Their fans are really opposing the move of DSP Media in getting a new member through an audition called 'KARA Project,' which will be aired on MBC music on May 27th.

The fans showed the intensity of their opposition with a banner saying “We oppose the addition of a new KARA member” hung near the office of DSP Media. However, DSP Media is firm with their decision, and went ahead with the release of teasers of seven trainees, or 'Baby KARA' members.

As reported by a fan who attended the event, Gyuri apologized sincerely to their fans who are hurting due to the disappointing news. She said that they are doing their best not to put salt on the wound. She asked the fans to trust the current three members.

Seungyeon said that it's heartbreaking to see close people to them leaving, and she's sorry for bringing bad news almost every year.

Hara couldn't help but to cry in front of their fans after expressing her feelings.

Meanwhile, just like the previous annual fan meetings, all ticket profits were donated to charities and organizations which help teens.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: Star News