KARA fans oppose KARA's new member addition

KARA's fandom, Kamilia changed their words into real action to protest DSP's plan of adding new member to KARA.

Previously, when DSP released the information of KARA project and candidates called Baby KARA, fans and other netizens showed their disappointment and anger towards it. They posted on many community boards: "We are against the KARA Project", "We don't know and won't watch it, we don't understand why you still moved on. The audition must be boycotted", "Stop it and let KARA stay as 3".

On May 23, Kamilia even hung the banners on Seoul streets with words: "To DSP media, we reject new member for KARA" to show their strong reaction to the project.

DSP Media has yet said anything, but KARA fan meeting will still take place at 7pm on May 24.