JunggiGO's revelations on CSI!

1theK's 'Comeback Special Interview' uploaded a video of their interview with singer JunggiGo.

On the interview, JunggiGo was asked various questions but with a little twist. The staff called it 'pop vocab quiz,' in which he had to say a word that would best describe/ answer the questions.

Some of the questions:

CSI: A new word meaning Junggigo plus Beenzino
JunggiGo: Junggigozino?
CSI: Hiphop ______!
JunggiGo: Hiphop buster
CSI: How did you get to work with Beenzino?
JunggiGO: There's a song I wrote called 'Yourbody,' and I was able to work with him there. He's so talented, so I asked him last minute, but he still pulled it off so well.
CSI: New song's concept?
JunggiGO: Well, 'Some' is a playful song about vague relationships. This song is about vague relationships too but this time, it's more straightforward.
CSI: Is it about you?
JunggiGo: No. I'm an innocent man.
CSI: What is your ideal woman?
JunggiGO: The best
CSI: What if she's not pretty?
JunggiGo: (Hesitant) That's hard
CSI: Junggigo's lookalike
JunggiGO: I could get into a lot of trouble mentioning his name...Actor Lee Jeong Jae, right? I apologize again for such nonsense.
CSI: Was it better working with Beenzino than with Soyou?
JunggiGO: How could that be? It was a lot better working with Soyou. I'm sure Beenzino feels the same about me. They're really different anyway. Soyou is a vocalist, Beenzino is a rapper. The songs are different too. So I can't really compare.
CSI: Which SISTAR member would you like to work with?
JunggiGO: Hyorin. She's so good at singing.

JunggiGO collaborated with rapper Beenzino for 'Want U.'

Watch the interview below:

Haven't seen 'Want U'? Watch below:

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: 1theK YouTube