Jung Woo Sung denies the rumoured of him dating a non-celebrity woman

Jung Woo Sung assured that he's still single at the moment

Previously on May 16th, Jung Woo Sung was reported to have dated a non-celebrity woman in her 30s for a few months. She was said to have lived abroad for several years and she didn't know about Jung Woo Sung as an actor. She started developing feeling for Jung Woo Sung because of his charm and he also feels the same towards her.

A rep from Red Brick House said,"This is the first time that we heard about this news. Jung Woo Sung is currently busy filming for his new movie so it's difficult to check about it with him". Later the agency confirmed that Jung Woo Sung isn't dating someone at the moment, and they didn't know where the rumour came from

Jung Woo Sung is currently filming for movie "Madam Bluff".