Heechul poinsts out the effect of Kris' lawsuit to fans on JTBC 'War of Words'

Talking about the latest controversies and issues surrounding celebrities, Heechul mentioned about the lawsuit of EXO Kris against their agency at the latest broadcast of JTBC 'War of Words'.

Heo Jiwoong brought up the issue about Kris and mentioned the relation to Hangeng's which led Heechul to lay down his opinion. He said, "It's different. In Hangeng's case, he was only able to appear in two broadcast and basically he's the only one foreign member that's why he experienced a lot of difficulty."

Kim GuRa opinionated that Hangeng's situation led SM to recruit four Chinese members to EXO which Heehcul agreed upon. Heechul continued and pointed out "The biggest issue in Kris' situation is he broke fans' trust by leaving one week ahead of their concert. EXO members have to rearrange their choreography, music and formations since they're all set up for a group of six."

He continued, "If you look at it, it's really disrespectful to the fans who are anticipating their concert," and mentioned about the previous cases wherein Kris suddenly not appearing on broadcast and such. Furthermore, he also expressed his disbelief of fans claiming that the agency is controlling EXO members' posts and activity on their personal SNS.

Do you have the same thoughts as him? Watch below:

Written by KYUriShana