Gain and her 'Fxxk U' lover Joo Ji Hoon are actually dating for real

Gain and her bestfriends Joo Ji Hoon who starred as her lover in her 'Fxxk U' MV revealed to be dating in real life for a month now.

Both agencies confirm the report of that there's a romantic feeling involves between the two. The two have been friends for 8 years and that's the reason Gain chose him to star in her daring MV. However, the sparks of intimate relationship blooms after they shot the MV and started dating.

They were recently photographed leaving a restaurant where they met up and ate dinner. According to their agencies, Gain and  Joo Ji Hoon are quite hesitant to reveal their relationship because of the situation where people are mourning due to the ferry tragedy.

But now that both parties confirm and go public about it, let's cheers for the new couple!
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