Fly to the Sky to release 9th album 'CONTINUUM' on 20th after 5 years

Fly to the Sky fans are rejoicing for the reunion of Brian and Hwanhee. In addition to their anticipated concert, the RnB duo announced the release of their 9th full length album ''CONTINUUM'.

According to their agency H2 Media, "Fly to the Sky is releasing their 9th album 'CONTINUUM', which consists of 10 tracks including their title track 'You You You' on 20th through music portals."

It is the 9th album after 5 years since their 10th anniversary commemorative album 'Decennium was released in 2009. The representative added, "It's been such a long time Fly to the Sky has release new song together and they will show you different colors in their music. To repay the support from fans, please anticipate their concerts and activities in the future."

Fly to the Sky is holding a comeback showcase at 8PM on the 20th in K-Art Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul. Moreover, the duo are holding their 15th anniversary concert 'Fly to the Sky Comeback Special Concert: CONTINUUM' on June 6 to 8 at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall, Seoul.