EXO members lurking on instagram, Xiumin joins!

EXO members are literally one by one creating instagram accounts these past few days. Who are the latest? They are none other than Tao and Baekhyun.

In light of their album promotions and releases today, more members are interacting with their fans through SNS. Therefore we have Tao and Baehyun's instagram created today.

Tao's first post, "Hope everyone'll like our new album!Thanks^ ^". He attached a photo with him looking at the sea facing his back at the camera with words written on the picture 'I love my family my friends and my life ~ LA'.

A little later, Baekhyun follows with a photo of EXO's logo and captioned it, "#overdose #baekhyun ready?". 

So now we have half of the members on instagram, shall we call the other half too? Make sure to follow their confirmed accounts listed below for their updates.

Tao @hztttao
Baekhyun @baekhyunee_exo
Sehun @xlkslb_ccdtks
Chanyeol @real__pcy
Kris @galaxy_fanfan
Luhan @luexolu

Xiumin @xiurista90