Choo Sarang makes a visit to 'Triangle' film set

Recently, Choo Sung Hoon's daughter, Choo Sarang, who is greatly known through KBS's "Superman is back", made a visit to MBC drama film set 'Triangle' and drew much attention for her cute look.

The reason Choo Sarang was there is because her dad, Choo Sung Hoon would make a cameo appearance in the drama and he took her daughter with him to the recording set. He takes the role of Yakuzza Watanabe, who has been sent to get back the money that Young Dal (Kim Jae Joong) stole, and his appearance is set to air on episode 4 of the drama.

While Chu Sung Hoon started recording, Choo Sa-Rang stood in front of the camera monitor. She was really fond of watching her dad through the screen. She gazed at it with full of curiosity and even pointed at him and said "dad". Her cute expression made the shooting set burst out in laughter.

Isn't she lovely?