Cha Seung Won reveals another reason he joins YG Entertainment,'Not only because of YG Cafeteria'

It's because of his daughter that Cha Seung Won agreed to join YG Entertainment.

Cha Seung Won said in an interview on May 22nd,"The second son of CEO Yang Min Suk(Yang Hyun Suk's Brother) and my daughter Yeni are both fifth graders and they are also classmates. We met each other during the school's sports day"

He continued,"Both the kids' mothers also know each other and then I knew that they are in the same class","Yang Min Suk CEO and I go along well with each other and he's also an out-going person which made me have a feeling that I need to join YG Entertainment"

Previously in "Entertainment Weekly", he mentioned the reason why he decided to sign with YG Entertainment was because of YG Cafeteria,"All the aunts that works there love it very much whenever I go to the cafeteria", he jokingly said.

He also said that his daughter was very happy because her dad signed with a company with many top idols,"But my daughter only likes Akdong Musician, she isn't interested in other idols","For me, I only know Choi Seung Hyun(T.O.P) and Kwon Ji Young(G-Dragon)".

In addition, Cha Seung Won's new movie "High Heels" will be premiered on June 4th.