Actress La Mi Ran doesn't hesitate to share a life difficulty

Actress La Mi Ran guested on tvN's 'Talk Show Taxi' on May 1st.

On her appearance, La Mi Ran disclosed a part of her life that was really difficult for her. She shared that she had experienced financial dilemmas. 

She said, "In early 2000s, the music industry had a major recession. My husband, who was a manager then, was not payed for his work, while I was not getting enough money before because I was not that known. It became worse when I bore our child. That time I couldn't pay even our electricity bills. After giving birth, we decided to live on my parents for three years, and on my husband's parents for 2 1\2 years. Now, I'm still paying my debts."

What difficulty have you experienced?

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SOURCE: Star News