Actor Jang Dong Gun shares story on his tattoos on 'Crying Man'

Actor Jang Dong Gun appeared on the May 10th episode of KBS2’s 'Entertainment Weekly'.

During the interview, he was asked about his role on his comeback movie entitled 'Crying Man.' On the said movie, he will play the lead character named 'Gon' who is a professional killer and will be facing a dilemma of falling in love with his target Mo-gyeong played by actress Kim Min-hee.

On one of the scenes, a large tattoo was shown. When asked about his family's reaction on his tattoo and his role generally, he said that he his son hasn't seen his tattoo in particular. He explained that he also doesn't want that his son to see his tattoos because the kid has shown lots of interest on temporary sticker tattoos, and might want to have a copy.

'Crying Man' is directed by Lee Jeong-beom, and will be released this June.

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