4MEN to return as a duo with triple title tracks on May 13

Vocal group 4MEN (Kim Won Joo, Shin Yong Jae) are making their return with their 5th full length album on May 13. It has been reported the they are going to have triple title tracks.

4MEN are returning as a duo after the withdrawal of former member Kim Young Jae in April. THe 5th album will be the former member's last album as 4MEN but the group will be promoting as a duo. They are supposed to come back earlier this month but was delayed.

According to some officials, the album will consist various and attractive tracks and they are already preparing for three promotional activities. Regarding the three title tracks, they stated, "We had hard time selecting the songs so we've decided to go for three title tracks."

4MEN released their 4th album 'The Artist' on June, 2011.