4-minute Jihyun is apologetic for not joining the cast of 'Highschool-Love On'

It was reported before that 4-minute Jihyun has been confirmed to join the cast of upcoming fantasy-romance 'Highschool-Love On' alongside fellow idols Infinite Sungyeol and Woohyun.

However, on the first script reading of the cast on May 13, there was no sight of Jihyun. It turns out that she won't appear on the drama anymore due to the conflicting filming schedule and their group's activities.

Therefore, Jihyun appeals to fans through twitter and wrote, "I'm thankful and apologetic to people who have expectations and supported me. I'm also sad and feels what a waste!! However I'll assure to face you with good projects as quickly as possible.♥"

4-minute is currently preparing for their European showcases which made it difficult for Jihyun to take on filming. Jihyun's fans must be understanding. Meanwhile, 'Highschool-Love On' starring Infinite Woohyun, Sungyeol, and actress Kim Sae Ron premieres in June.