2NE1's Dara's visit to 'Pinoy Big Brother' house gains various reactions from the housemates

On May 15th, 2NE1's Dara visited the 'bahay ni Kuya' (house of Big Brother) for the second time. She was asked by Kuya to help out the 18 housemates with the finale of their weekly task which is a Korean-inspired webisode entitled 'Hmm Pak True Lab."

As she entered the house, the housemates had different reactions. The others thought that the Dara who entered was just a look-alike, and some were really convinced that it is the real Sandara. All of them were really star struck making them hesitant in giving the Korean star a warm hug. You can see on the video that the other housemates were touching her to make sure that she's real. After realizing that it is not a fake Dara, the housemates introduced themselves.

They toured Dara all over the house. After that, they taught Dara's participation on their webisode. She made a very short spiel and danced with the housemates. 

After their filming, they talked with Dara. They asked her on how long she will be staying in the Philippines and the Korean translations of some words. One praised her that she doesn't forget the Filipino language. Dara answered that it's because she always watches Filipino movies.

One teased her of confining her again in the house. Dara replied humorously, "Maybe I'll pay. I have contact. But if I don't have work, I want to stay here."

One K-Pop fanatic housemate named Maris entertained Dara with her Korean-ish personality. The two claimed the floor and had a showdown with the beat of 2NE1's debut song, 'Fire.'

The last part of the video revealed Dara's ideal man's characteristic. She said, "I want a man who is not afraid of cockroach."

When Kuya asked the reactions of the housemates, some of them shared how surprised they were.

Loisa said, "At first, I thought that she's just a look-alike. But when I stare at her, it is the real Sandara." 

One celebrity housemate named Jane Oineza said, "Oh my gosh it's Sandara Park. She's really beautiful in person Kuya. She's like a Barbie. Before, I impersonated her on 'Goin Bulilit' because she's famous then."

Pinoy Big Brother host turned celebrity house guest Alex Gonzaga expressed, "I was really glad because it's just the first time that I saw her in person. She's flawless. I got envious."

Joshua said, "I can't believe. I was really in awe because I didn't imagine that I could see stars like her here (in the house)."

Fifth shared, "I was just staring because Sandara Park is here. She's so famous in Korea. She's so popular in the Philippines. I want to pinch her because she's so cute. She's like a doll."

Watch the video here.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net