2NE1's Dara expresses gratitude after AON Manila

2NE1's Dara posted on her Twitter right away after their AON Manila concert wrapped up.

She thanked all fans and her friends who supported 2NE1.

On her first post, she said, "Thank you to all my friends who attended our concert!!! Sorry if we're not able to see personally, but I saw you from the stage."

She followed it up with, "I'm really happy now! Grabe! It's really Boom panes!!! And of course to all Blackjacks who are always there for us! We love you!"

'Grabe' and 'Boom panes' are Filipino expressions used when you're feeling overwhelmed.

Her last post was dedicated to those men who were so lucky to be so close with the four gorgeous ladies during the 'lap dance.' Sam Milby (former housemate on Pinoy Big Brother), Jorross Gamboa (batch mate of Dara on Star Circle Quest) and Jason Abalos are celebrities in the Philippines.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: @krungy21