ZE:A's Siwan learns how to play casino games

ZE:A's Lim Siwan has been casted in MBC's new drama called 'Triangle,' in which he is playing as a wealthy guy named Yoon Yang Ha, who is getting trained for a casino management.

'Triangle' will show a story of three brothers, who had to be separated after their parents' death, and Yoon Yang Ha, the youngest of the three, gets adopted to a wealthy family when he is an infant.

In order to help Siwan, the production team prepared a time for Siwan to learn about casino games with experts. In the photos, Si Wan had his first lesson about casino, he sat before a game table with a passionate attitude. It was also revealed that he never lost his focus on the lesson in over two hours.

Siwan shared, "It was my first time to learn about casino games, and I had to ask a lot of questions because the rules were not easy. I heard that most of the dealers need 6 months of training before standing before tables, and I am going through some intense trainings."

He added, "I am practicing many different hand tricks by watching video clips." 

'Triangle' will premiere on April 5th after 'Empress Ki.'