ZE:A's Dongjun meddles between the 'Monday couple' by confessing his love to Song Ji Hyo

Running Man's 'Monday couple' is on the verge of break up as Gary is about to continue his suffering after 'Emergency Couple'.

During the gathering of two the two teams, they were asked about what is their first impression about their teammate in which ZE:A's Kim Dongjun straightforwardly answered "She's beautiful","I was so happy." towards Song Ji Hyo, with Gary expressing his bitterness.

He lastly added, "I'm satisfied with Ji Hyo noona. I love her." Gary burst out 'Good luck to both of you." with a shattered expression. Fans commented, "Dongjun is so cute.","Oh Gary must be so jealous.","New variety couple?","That's so cute!" and so on.

Is this the birth of a new variety couple?