Teddy Kim has a delicious comeback with 'Kimchi'!

Teddy Kim, the well-known impersonator of Psy, is back with his second single entitled 'Kimchi.'

'Kimchi' is all about the famous Korean dish garnished with an appetizing beat. It was written and composed by Teddy himself with the help of KPop composer SPACESTAR. His costumed was conceptualized by him as well, and was created by a Korean fashion designer. The avantgarde sunglasses was designed by him which were made by a German sunglasses designer.

Teddy Kim became popular through his performances in 'Australia's Got Talent.' He released his first music video for 'Colorman' in June 2013.

Watch below:

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.com
SOURCE: Teddy Kim YouTube Channel teddy kim