Super Junior Siwon poses with Jackie Chan's group JJCC

Super Junior Siwon is all out support for his good friend, Jackie Chan's kpop group Double JC (JJCC) and even poses a group picture with them.

A photo is uploaded on JJCC's twitter and it has caption, "Until where rookie #JJCC's connection is? #choisiwon #superjunior #superjuniorsiwon"

In the photo, Siwon is lining up with the tall members and attracted their respective fans with their model-like figures, especially Siwon who wouldn't fall behind with his height and looks. Fans commented, "How nice of Siwon to support his friend Jackie Chan.,"It really means his closeness with Jackie Chan is up to this level.","They all look like models with their appearances rather than idols," and so on.