Super Junior Siwon and Hangeng meet & shake hands at Jackie Chan's party

Super Junior fans are overjoyed and wanted to thank Jackie Chan for making Super Junior Siwon and Hangeng met in his charity concert party.

On April 6, Jackie Chan held his charity event '2014 Peace & Love & Friendship' in Beijing which was attended by top local and international celebrities. In the star-studded event, Super Junior Siwon and former member Hangeng met and greeted each other while shaking hands.

It was the first public interaction after Hangeng filed a lawsuit and left the group in 2009. The Super Junior members and Hangeng might be keeping in touch privately with each other but this public interaction made their loyal fans happy.

Check the video of their meeting below:

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Disclaimer: The  info below isn't confirmed yet.
A speculated Siwon's instagram account uploaded a photo of him and Hangeng from the party but the account isn't confirmed to be his and the picture is assumed to have been photoshoped. Do you think it is?Nonetheless, it's great to see them happy together.