Song Joong Ki's sister receives attention from netizens

Song Joongki's sister, Song Seul Gi, is receiving attention from netizens after photos of her with her brother is posted online.

A mischievous photo of the siblings amused netizens because of their close relationship. Song Joong Ki is putting his finger into his sister's mouth while sticking his tongue showing his loving side to her sister.

Back in 2010, teary-eyed Song Joong Ki proudly introduced his sister during KBS Dream Team in Canada, wherein his sister was studying. He showed his brotherly affection which impressed fans and netizens.

To the photo, netizens commented, "Song Joong Ki is one of the prettiest guy in the entertainment.","Not only good-looking but has a big heart as well.","Their eyes resemble a lot.","She must be proud to have a brother like him.","Their relationship seems so close.","I want a brother like him." and more.