SM Entertainment plans to take legal action on whoever spread about Hyoyeon's being bullied in Girls' Generation

Hyoyeon's issue of accidentally hitting her friend while joking around was previously resolved, however everything is not as simple as that.

On April 1st, the incident was reported to happened at 0:30am on March 30st, but netizen found a post on an online community board which was published on March 31st at around 5pm and it wrote about Hyoyeon's incident like this,"My friend's sister's friend's father is a police officer. Yesterday (March 30th) a member of Girls' Generation tried to commit suicide because she was bullied in Girls' Generation. The guy tried to stop her but she hit him, then they ended up at the police and caused a huge fuss there".

Upon this issue, SM Entertainment released a statement on April 2nd,"We are currently disserminating all the necessary procedures and planning to take legal action against the ones who spread about Hyoyeon' absurd rumours".

They continued by saying,"Until now, everyone who have posted about it or anything related on SNS, blogs or websites, we request you to delete it".

What do you think about this issue? Will it have any impact on the girls' future activities?