SHINee ends concert tour in South America with a success!

SHINee wrapped up their first-ever concert tour in South America.

SHINee entertained their Latin American fans as part of their 'SHINee CONCERT SHINeeWORLD III.' They performed in Mexico, Chile, and Argentina.

According to a representative from SM Entertainment, SHINee held their concert in those three countries successfully. Many fans were gathered to share this rare event. They witnessed the live performances of SHINee of their hit songs like 'Ring Ding Dong,' 'You Are So Beautiful,' 'Lucifer' and 'Juliet.'

SHINee said, "We can't believe the reception and passion of our fans in South America. Thank you so much for all the love and support, and we really hope to be here again as soon as possible."

SHINee will visit Taipei, Taiwan next on May 11th.

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SOURCE: Star News