Ryeowook turns into EXO's D.O for April Fools' Day

Ryeowook took April Fools' Day to another level by "cosplaying" as EXO's D.O!

On April 1st, he tweeted on his Twitter,"Ryeowook hyung, I love you" and uploaded a new photo which turned out to be a selca of D.O. Before that he shared a photo of him together with Heechul and Baekhyun at "Kiss The Radio" but instead he tweeted,"Baehyun, Heechul hyung radio fighting!!!!^^ Our Ryeowook hyung what is he doing?".

Not only that, he even changed his Twitter's name into "Do Kyung Soo"(D.O's real name) and also his avatar and header into D.O photos, proved his bias towards the boy.

Did you all get fooled by his tactic?