Leessang's Gary gets angry over an April Fools' joke

April Fools' Day is a chance for everyone to pull joke on each other, but if the joke goes too far then it's not acceptable.

As for Gary, he is currently pissed off with a joke about him and also involves Song Ji Hyo. On April 2nd, he tweeted,"I do not sell other people just for April Fools' joke. I really wanted to curse but because it's in the morning, so I put up with it".

This regarded a Running Man fanpage spread a caption of Gary's twitter account, and there was a tweet in which it said "I love you Song Ji Hyo" was photoshopped into the photo and made it look like he tweeted it himself.

Of course many people like "Monday Couple" and want them to be together in real life, but everything has its limit, everyone especially the fans should know how to respect Gary and Song Ji Hyo' private lives. This action won't do any good for both of them.