Lee Min Ho's suggestions for Hallyu Wave success revealed!

Lee Min Ho was the only entertainer who was invited to attend the exclusive 3rd Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment conference on April 4th.

Lee Min Ho had a speech about the 'Success Strategy for Hallyu Wave,' where he gave his suggestions for Korean's future direction.

He said, "I am feeling grateful for all the love and support I'm receiving from my fans in Korea and from other countries, and at same time feeling very proud of the achievements of Korean Wave. I'm hoping that there will be environmental developments, so that every artist can produce better Korean Wave contents. The focus of the entire trend of Korean Wave should be on communication and cultural respect instead of making profits from it. Improvements in copyrights and portrait rights protection is a must."

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho can be seen in a new film called 'Gangnam Blues' this April.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.com