Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin praise each other at 'Doctor Stranger' press conference

On April 29th, the cast of SBS' upcoming drama "Doctor Stranger" had a press conference at SBS Hall in Mokdong, Seoul.

During the press conference, he said,"My first impression on Park Hae Jin sunbaenim was he was so good looking and his fashion style was really great...I felt inferior"

In this regard Park Hae Jin also praised Lee Jong Suk,"When I heard that I will work with Lee Jong Suk, I was hesitated. He is too beautiful. His skin is nice and he's also taller than me. But then I realize I'm the oldest among them...Even thought I'm the hyung but instead I need to rely on the others a lot","Lee Jong Suk's first impression was really good. He is a very bright person. But during the filming, he exudes the feeling of a mature man instead of young boy, so I was overwhelmed by his aura"

"Doctor Stranger" will be premiered on May 5th.