Kim Woobin continues to show his warm affection to babies

The fatherly affection of actor Kim Woobin to a baby wearing dinosaur costume, during his fansign last month, left some heartwarming impact to his fans.

But it didn't end there. At a recent Dusol Beauty fan signing event, the actor met a cute baby once again and he couldn't help but to show affection to her. The baby is brought by her mom who is Kim Woobin's fan. The cute baby is wearing pink cap and polka dots overall.

Kim Woobin is very pleased to see her and even kiss her on the cheeks. He didn't let her ago immediately and carries the cute baby on his lap while continuing his fansign. To this, netizens commented, "He did it again. He has really soft heart for babies. It so warm.","Do you want to have baby Kim Woobin? You'll make a good father.","His expression when he saw the baby is so candid.","When I go to his fansign, I will bring a cute baby." and so on.

See more heartwarming photos below:

Source: Nate
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