Kim Woo Bin is chosen as a new model for 'Maxim Mocha Gold' Coffee

Kim Woo Bin became the new model for "Maxim Mocha Gold" Coffee and he will work with Lee Na Young for the first time.

Lee Na Young is a long-term model for the brand and previously she worked with Song Joong Ki as the advertising models. As for the first time working with Kim Woo Bin, it was said that the two of them had an outdoor filming for the new CF.

Kim Woo Bin usually portrays rough and naughty characters in dramas, but this time he will show a more soft and gentle side of them through this new CF. Even though it's the first time that he worked with Lee Na Young but they quickly got comfortable around each other and filmed with a natural atmosphere on set.

The new CF will come out soon so stay tuned!