Kim Jong Kook, Kim Byung Man, Uee, writer Kim Eun Sook donate for Sewol tragedy

More and more celebrities are coming out with their own donations.

On April 28th, Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association revealed that they received donations from Kim Jong Kook, Kim Byung Man, After School's Uee and writer Kim Eun Sook.

Writer Kim Eun Sook whose works are "Secret Garden","Gentleman's Dignity","The Heirs"...donated 20 million won this morning, while the production company Hwa and Dam Pictures donated 30 million wons anonymously on April 21st. Kim Byung Man also donated 30 million won on 21st quietly until the news came out today.

Followed by is Kim Jong Kook with 50 million won as his donation while Uee is 30 million won. They all asked for the money to be used for the rescue relief and for all victims' families.