[Exclusive] Jay Park's Hong Kong Fan Meeting + Fancam!

On Sunday April 20th, “V City Easter big party x Jay Park (Park Jaebeom)” Fan Meeting was held successfully in V City Tuen Mun, Hong Kong; organised by Smilesproductions and Jasco.

There were hundred over female fans waiting for Jay Park, as it was his second time performing in Hong Kong, but his first time meeting HK fans up close. When he finally went on stage, Jay greeted his fans by thanking them for attending, and sought their understanding for his uneasy mood due to the current situation in South Korea. He asked everybody to pray for the victims of the tragedy in Korea.

The show kicked off with Jay singing three of his songs “I Got Your Back”, “Star”, and “JOAH”, which he said he selected them because it is rather hard for him to be upbeat while Korea is going through a hard time now. Despite all, just as he had promised, Jay performed his very best, and the fans cheered throughout the fan meeting.

For Jay, Hong Kong fans prepared cakes and presents such as a basket full of big Easter eggs, letters, and food in order to celebrate the birth of AOMG, (label company Jay founded), and Jay’s coming birthday on April 25th. They sang birthday song to him first in English and then in Korean to which Jay was very surprised and showed his gratitude by replying in Cantonese “do ze sai”(thank you) and “ngo oi nei” (I love you).

When asked about his favorite Hong Kong experience, Jay said in Cantonese that he just had dim sum today, and he liked the meat bun.

Finally, around 50 lucky fans were chosen to come on stage and receive autographs from Jay. Jay shook their hands and posed for photos with each one of them, and in the end he left the stage wishing goodbye and hoping to meet with the fans very soon.

Reported by Connie Park, Chung Sun, Bryan

Checkout the fancam below: