IU, MBLAQ's Thunder, Fiestar's Hyemi & HIGH4's Kim SungGu release group photo taken in 2012

Kpop idols have surprising deep friendship indeed. Among your bias groups, who have been good friends for a long time?

A group photo taken in a photobooth reveals an unexpected friendship between idols which we're not even aware of. The photo shows IU, MBLAQ's Thunder, Fiestar's Hyemi and rookie boy group member HIGH4's Kim SungGu.

They all looked very happy together while making cute poses. Kim SungGu appeared on the episode 5 of MBLAQ's Idol Management, while IU has been friend with him since 2006. Fiestar's Hyemi on the other hand is also a long-time friend of IU for 6 years.

It's glad to see all of them together right?