Happy birthday to SS501's Park Jung Min

Real name: Park Jung Min (박정민)
Chinese name: 朴政玟
Nickname: SEXY CHARISMA, Horse (Mal)
Birhday: 1987/04/03
Zodiac: Aries
Birthplace: Seoul, Korea
Height: 185cm
Weight: 66kg
Blood Type:
Group: SS501
Position: Sub-Vocalist
Education: Dongguk University, Normal University affiliated high school, Kyonggi University, Department acting
Family member: Parents, elder sister
Hobbies: listening to soft music
Talents : Tap dance 
Idol: Gao Ying
Ideal girl: with long hair
Motto: always living with thankful heart

Fun Facts:
He is good at speaking
Hits people who try to wake him up from sleep
Has a solo career
Loves to wear toe socks

Likes to eat tons of carrots
Acted in Taiwan drama, "Fondant garden"